Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. is the recognized world leader in mechanically scanned sonar systems. The MS 1000 Scanning Sonar Processor confirms our reputation as the supplier of the highest quality, highest resolution products in the market.
Our MS 1000 software program converts any standard PC into a full-function sonar processor without the need for additional boards or hardware, and is designed under ISO standards to ensure compliance to reliability, statutory and regulatory requirements.

MS 1000 is a Windows-based application and can be configured to control the complete digital line of Kongsberg Mesotech’s scanning sonar, altimeter, and bathy sensor products via industry-standard telemetry protocols.

MS 1000 key features include:
• Simultaneous multiple scanning sonar head and altimeter operation, and sensor configurations
• Time-tagged recording of all sonar and sensor inputs to the PC’s hard-drive or external recording device
• Advanced target measurement and annotation tools
• Track Plotter module allowing the user to pre-plot search and survey lines, and to geo-reference sonar targets
• Networking capability
• Target tracking (optional)
• Ping synchronization for multiple-head operation; fused data display for dual head profiling
• GeoTiff image format
• 3D profiling with pan device
• Plug-and-play USB keypad

Technical Specifications:

Minimum System: 1 gHz, Pentium 3, 512 mB of RAM Requirements (single head operation), Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro, or Windows Vista Business Edition
Video Format: Platform dependent; SXGA (1280x1024 or higher recommended)
Image: Dedicated image area for each sonar head; size/position configurable
Palette: Menu selectable
Sonar Control: Pull-down menus for configuring and control of sonar system
Status Readout: Alphanumeric display of cursor positions, range, gain, mode settings
Sensor Readout: Alphanumeric display of position data, sensor outputs
Gain: Menu adjustable; infinite settings
Range: Menu adjustable; customer-defined;5–500 meters
Sector Width: Adjustable from 7.2° to 360° in 7.2° steps
Sector Center: Adjustable from 0-360° in 0.9° steps
Cursors: Selectable by pointing device: 2 general purpose
Zoom: x2, x4
Magnifier: x1 to x10
Menu Controls: Menu driven control system for display mode, scan speed, scan reverse, threshold, speed of sound, serial I/O, profile or image selection, baud rate selection
Data Recording: Imaging, profile and time-tagged sensor
and Playback data storage to hard drive or other PC device; bitmap snapshots to disk; GeoTiff format support

Measurement Tools: Detailed annotation, cursors, tape measure, target area, target height
Printer: Output to any printer recognized by operating system
Telemetry: RS 232, RS 485, RS 422
Telemetry Rates: Down link: 9600
Uplink selectable: 9600, 19K, 38K, 57K, 115K bit/s, 230K, 460K with USB interface box
Power Requirement: Platform dependent
Temperature Range: Platform dependent
Navigation Input: NMEA 0183 Format (232 Levels)
Sensor Interface: RS232



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