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MINELAB EXCALIBUR II Metal Detector (BBS with 10" Coil) Minelab’s unique Broad Band Spectrum (BBS) technology, combined with superior ground rejecting technology, makes the Excalibur II the ideal underwater machine. The unique design of the Minelab Excalibur II allows you to use it as effectively in or out of the water – this amphibious machine can move seamlessly from land, beach and wet sand conditions to underwater depths of up to 200ft (66m).
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MINELAB EXCALIBUR II Metal Detector (BBS with 10" Coil)
Minelab’s Excalibur II is built for underwater performance. This detector features Minelab’s multi-frequency BBS technology. BBS stands for Broad Band Spectrum. This technology simultaneously transmits, receives, and analyses a broad band of multiple frequencies to give fantastic depth, high sensitivity, and accurate discrimination on a wide range of target types. It also features RCB, Receive Coil Boost, circuitry. This technology greatly amplifies weak target signals inside the search coil. This has 3 advantages over typical techniques of amplification inside a control box:

  • Greater immunity to electrical noise which reduces false signals
  • No loss of strength or faint targets through the cable
  • Improved detection depth and sensitivity

The Excalibur II is designed for coin shooting, relic hunting, jewelry hunting, beach hunting, and diving. It is fully submersible up to 200 feet and comes standard with Koss 8-ohm hardwired headphones. The BBS technology on the Excalibur II operates at frequencies from 1.5 kHz to 25.5 kHz. It features 2 detection modes: Discriminate and All Metal. Discrimination is variable and adjustable. This detector does not have an LCD screen and is controlled by knobs. These knobs adjust the volume, sensitivity, and discrimination. Ground balancing is automatic, sensitivity is automatic and manual, threshold is adjustable.

The Excalibur II operates on a rechargeable battery pack but can use alkaline batteries with an optional accessory. The shaft is adjustable and can be set up for land use or diving use. The Excalibur II comes standard with a 10” round Double-D hardwired search coil. Users can purchase an 8” search coil instead. This detector is heavier than a lot of land detectors at 4.6 pounds with the 8” search coil and 5.1 pounds with the standard 10” search coil.


  • BBS 17 frequency technology (1.5kHz – 25.5kHz).
  • High Visibility (Hi-Vis) fluorescent bodywork.
  • Slimline 10″ coil for reduced weight and improved balance.
  • NiMH Rechargeable battery pack for operation up to 12 hours.
  • Hi-Vis Skid plate.
  • Side-mount shaft for shallow and surf-wading (available as an optional accessory).

Minilab Excalibur II Specifications:

Search Modes: Discriminate (1–17) | Pinpoint/All-Metals

Ground Rejection: Automatic Ground Rejection

Sensitivity: Auto | Manual 1–10

Volume: Adjustable

Threshold Level: Off | Adjustable

Length: Standard shaft: 1140 mm – 1220 mm (45" – 48")/ Dive shaft: 820 mm – 910 mm (32" – 36")

Weight (Incl. Battery): 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)

Standard Coil: 10-inch Double-D Smart coil (hard-wired) with skidplate

Audio Output: Koss headphones (hard-wired)

Battery: Rechargeable NiMH battery 13V 1000 mAh

Battery Runtime: 14–19 hours

Waterproof: Waterproof to 66 m (200-feet)

Technologies: BBS | RCB

Accessories: Carry Bag | Skidplate | Hip Mount Kit | Side Mount Shaft (for shallow & surf-wading)

                      Car Charger | Alkaline Battery Pack (8 × AA Batteries)













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