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VisualSoft is a market leading provider of Digital Video and Data Acquisition and processing systems for survey and inspection of underwater assets. The VisualSoft Suite provides multichannel video and data acquisition functionality which is time synchronized to allow simultaneous review of video and data for any logged event, position, component or time, quickly and efficiently. As well as software for acquisition and archiving, VisualSoft provide a powerful software platform for offline processing of video and survey data. VisualEdit Professional is an automated data processing and data editing package which provides a fast and consistent method of processing survey data. VisualEdit Professional reduces the man-power required to process survey data and delivers a quality result that is repeatable and easily checked.
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System Components:



"Multi-Format Digital Video and Overlay"


VisualDVR is a 4U rack-mountable digital video recorder specifically designed for the offshore survey, inspection and ROV market. VisualDVR is available in a standard model with one to four standard definition video channels which records in Windows Media Video format using a software video encoder. This system includes the ability to add a text and graphics overlay to the video when recording it, and the ability to record both a dive log and a full inspection eventing log.

VisualDVR is also available with High Definition video encoding which is capable of recording in WMV, MPEG or H.264 formats.

VisualDVR is fully configurable and units can be networked together and synchronised, with control from any of the units or an external controller. Built in logging can record all relevant information from ROV or diver hand-held sensors. All data can be displayed as an overlay in a practical and legible format. In addition VisualDVR has the ability to auto-copy the video, events and sensor data directly to multiple external drives for client deliverables.


VisualData Logger


VisualData Logger is a survey sensor data display and logger. Typically, it is used to log ROV sensor data as part of the VisualSoft Suite for pipeline inspection. The log files are synchronised with the recorded video files so that all sensor data and video can be viewed together using VisualReview, or the sensor data may be processed using VisualEdit Professional. [Image: VisualDatalog.png]The user interface is configurable to display the real-time data in different ways from simple text to complex graphics and includes a sensor status display. The sensor interfaces are either RS232 or network UDP.

The list of supported sensors includes a configurable ASCII decoder that can be used for any ASCII data interface. Please contact VisualSoft for an up to date list of supported sensors. VisualData Logger includes real-time monitoring of the data streams and outputs alarm messages when the data input is lost or when specific data values freeze.




VisualArchive automatically manages all VisualSoft data. The video and sensor data is regularly transferred to the VisualArchive offline system which performs fully automated archiving to user defined backup media such as RAID array storage (portable and rack mounted options) and LTO tape. Duplication of the data archive ensures backup in the event of loss or failure of any individual backup medium. Utilisation of RAID array storage not only insures against data loss due to hardware failure but also prevents downtime due to single-point failure within the system.




VisualEdit is the entry level product in the VisualEdit selection of software which allows simple review, editing and importing of data. VisualEdit displays all data in fully synchronised, user configurable windows.




Visual3D-Inspector is a product provided as standard with VisualDVR which has been designed to simplify structure inspection planning, operation and review.
This easy to operate tool allows a 3D CAD export file of the structure to be imported into the 3D viewer as the basis for project planning and inspection tasks. The 3D drawing allows recording of video and associated data to be controlled and referenced to any particular component of the structure.

Projects and events are linked to particular components of the structure to enable quicker condition reviews and anomaly report generation. VisualSoft Suite integration provides direct access to stored video, survey, NDT sensor and event data to aid assessment of component condition and degradation over time.





VisualReview is a freely distributable viewer that is supplied with reports generated using the VisualSoft Suite. This allows the end client to view video and survey data reported in a VisualSoft format. This application is available for download from the Forum VisualSoft Support website.

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