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Hệ thống định vị âm (Ultra-Short BaseLine)

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Mini-Ranger 2 is a sixth-generation (6G) Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) underwater positioning system. It offers a standard operating range of 995 metres (extendable up to 4,000 metres with Extended Range pack) and the ability to simultaneously track up to 10 subsea targets (e.g. divers, ROVs and structures) at very fast update rates.
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Mini-Ranger 2 is compact and highly portable, comprising Ethernet Serial Hub (ESH), HPT 3000 acoustic transceiver and software which is installed on the user’s own PC or ruggedised laptop1. A wide range of Sonardyne 6G mini transponders can be used with Mini-Ranger 2 allowing the user to select the most appropriate beacon for the task in hand. These include; Wideband Sub-Mini 6+ (WSM 6+), Wideband Release Transponder 6 (WRT 6), Wideband Mini Transponder 6 (WMT 6) and the new ultra-small Nano.

Mini - Ranger 2 Specification

System Accuracy:
Typical: 0.2% of Slant Range


0.1% of Slant Range

Depending on the installation quality, system accuracy can vary greatly. Where every effort is made to ensure the rigidity of the deployment pole, an appropriate transceiver has been selected and the vessel’s AHRS is high quality, standard Sonardyne USBL systems have been proven to achieve 0.1% of slant range error. In 1,000 metres, this is equal to 1 metre.


Number of Targets Tracked

1 surface, multiple simultaneous subsea

Position Update Rate

1 second, independent of water depth

Output Telegrams

Supports all industry standard survey and DP telegrams

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